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"Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple."

What is Shonky Internet?

Well for a start, shonky.com is no longer shonky.com because the aptly named Joker (our former registry) didn't email us to tell us the domain was expiring, and it got snatched by a speculator. More fool them, now they are stuck with a shonky dot-com they want $25,000 for. So now we are Shonky Internet Systems or something, but I am not changing the logo so there.

Shonky Internet is a small collection of people dedicated (when we are not doing something else) to the philosophy that not a lot that happens on the Internet is really Rocket Science.

Shonky provides free services for various worthy causes, with the sole acceptance criteria being how amusing or interesting the project is. All we ask is that if anything you find here has been helpful or you have used any documents or resources then please mention Shonky Internet and link back to this site if possible.

Shonky Internet doesn't make a profit because it's not allowed to. We accept the occasional alcoholic and edible bribe, but that's about it. Shonky isn't a big company, in fact, it's not a company at all - it doesn't protect its rights with much vigour but if you do misuse our resources we will sulk at you for ages.

If you are already bored, why not just play hangman instead?

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Ok, so we admit, some other people can write good things too... Sometimes.

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